Contractor Management

Contractor Management

A recent article titled Understanding the Contractor Management Paradox in the May 2019 issue of Professional Safety (PSJ) stressed the importance of contractor management. The article asserts that a successful and contemporary management strategy is a paradox in which contractors are both “temporary and permanent, integral and separate, trusted but verified, subordinate and equal.  Viewing contractors as business partners in lieu of seeing them as subordinates help substantiate relationships, reduces risk and ensures a job well done.  

Appruv is passionate about contractor management and the value of vendor prequalification and has engineered a prequalification platform that truly delivers a safer work experience. The article in PSJ accentuates the importance of contractors, product vendors, and suppliers in workplaces focused on safety, efficiency, and quality control. That’s why we provide a platform that supports site-level managers, corporate level risk managers, contractor and supplier administrators, and vendor employees to ensure safety across entire organizations 

The Appruv platform is a cloud-based service that removes the administrative burden and cost of manually collecting contractor data, reviewing that information, and assigning a status based on company’s specific requirements. The platform enables all departments within an organization access to the same data, thereby ensuring safety and efficiency across all levels of the organization. 

Appruv can easily customize your prequalification standards or use a ready-to-implement solution.  

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Cara Eccleston is the Marketing Manager @ Appruv.

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