Vendor Management Has Never Been Easier


Prequalifying a vendor network is an essential part of an organization's well-rounded Environmental, Health, & Safety goals. Appruv acts as an extension of our clients, as the third-party option for simplifying a normally time-consuming, complex process. Our prequalification process is the preferred choice of vendors and captures the right amount of data at a fraction of the in-house cost to effectively reduce risk exposures that a multi-employer worksite faces.


Document Management

Effectively managing vendor information means managing required paperwork as well. These documents usually contain pertinent information and stringent liability limits that must be checked for accuracy. Appruv manages these documents for you, tracks changes and expirations, notifies vendors on your behalf, and uploads them to our secure, cloud-based application.

  • Certificates of Insurance (COI)
  • Bonding Qualification
  • Experience Modification Rates (EMR)
  • OSHA Recordable Incident Records
  • Contractor/Supplier Liability Agreements
  • Geographic Coverage

Online Training & Orientation

Training vendors on-site? Appruv can do that for you. Submit your corporate or site-level training material to Appruv during the onboarding process and we'll embed it into the vendor prequalification. Vendor administrators add their employees to Appruv and assign them the required training. Once an employee completes the training, their profile is updated and they are ready to work at your location as soon as they arrive.

Don't have training material? Let our in-house team of training developers create custom training modules for you.


Vendor Audits

Appruv safety professionals have foundations of experience from industries such as construction, aviation, manufacturing, agriculture, military, disaster relief, and more. No two vendors are alike. That's why we've designed vendor audits that encompass more than just a look into a safety program. Appruv auditors explore the practices and procedures of your vendors, including:

  • Safety Training Documentation
  • Job Hazard Analysis Practices
  • Disciplinary Policies
  • Safety Meetings
  • Jobsite Audits
  • Incident Investigation Practices

Reporting & Analytics

Safety Professionals and Risk Managers play an important role in the procurement process and business operations. That's why Appruv has developed a simple way to generate custom reports for all of your important vendor data. Reports can be generated anytime for data across all business locations and can be downloaded to Excel and PDF formats for easy distribution.


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