Appruv Audit

A Deeper Look Into Your Contractor, Vendor and Supplier Networks

Appruv Audit gives you the ability to track the risk profiles or your entire network of contractors, vendors and suppliers. Comprehensive audits from Appruv’s team of subject matter experts cover your third-party’s engagement in programs such as environmental, health, safety, quality, and more.


What Is Appruv Health and Safety Audit?

Continuous improvement programs emphasize the need for stakeholders to verify that outside organizations are doing what they say they are doing. This requires gathering more information than what is normally collected at the time of a third-party organization’s implementation. Appruv Audit gives hiring clients a seamless way to conduct deeper dives into their outside contractor, supplier and vendor organizations. Let our team set an audit schedule, facilitate the collection of documentation, and report feedback on your entire network of vendors.

Data-Driven Decisions

Prequalifying your contractors, suppliers and vendors gives you access to lagging indicators such as OSHA Injury and Illness data and Experience Modification Rates. But these are only one piece of the puzzle; Appruv Audit is a leading indicator focused approach to balance out third-party data. Gain insight into the real-life safety and health practices of outside vendors and track trends over time towards your organizational goals of continuous improvement. This easy access to data will help improve third-party communication, ensure standards are met, and reduce the requirement to actively monitor contractors, suppliers, and vendors across your organization.

Audit Framework

Appruv safety professionals have foundations of experience from various industries. No two vendors are alike. That’s why we’ve designed vendor audits that encompass more than just a look into a safety and health program. Appruv auditors explore the practices and procedures of your vendors, including:

  • Safety Training Documentation
  • Job Hazard Analysis Practices
  • Disciplinary Policies
  • Safety Meetings
  • Jobsite Audits
  • Incident Investigation Practices

Why Appruv Audit?

You’ve prequalified your outside vendor network, trained their employees, and are actively working with them on a daily basis. In order to gain complete visibility of their values, audits help to identify potential gaps that would otherwise invite unwanted risks and crucial timeline delays to your organization. Appruv Audit is the ideal enhanced layer of protection and accountability that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Collect and evaluate information about your vendors, contractors and supplier to identify and reduce risks for multi-employer worksites

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