Appruv Resource Center

High-Quality, On-Demand Safety Resources For Appruv Subscribed Vendors

Appruv Resource Center gives Appruv subscribed vendors access to safety resources, safety training, partnership discounts, and more. All for being part of the Appruv vendor network, at no additional cost.


Just One Of The Reasons Why Contractors, Vendors, and Suppliers Like Us Better.

Appruv network members have access to your organization’s prequalification process, which gives them a more streamlined pipeline towards a procurement decision. Now, you can give back to those members for being important qualified providers of your business operations with the Appruv Resource Center.

Appruv vendors can use the Resource Center to conduct their own internal safety training, access partnership discounts, and download health and safety assets to supplement their existing health and safety programs.


Appruv Resource Center gives your outside contractors, vendors and suppliers access to:

  • Interactive safety training videos hosted on a Learning Management System (LMS)
  • A fully integrated platform to host and track vendors’ own company training modules
  • Discounts on OSHA outreach training such as OSHA 10 & 30 hour
  • Regularly updated PDF library of safety meetings and toolbox talks
  • Exclusive discounts from safety product and service partners
  • Supplemental safety program forms, templates, and guides

Free Training

The Appruv Training Series is free online safety training developed by the health and safety experts at Appruv.  The series covers the most commonly required safety training topics and the series is routinely updated with new modules and content.

UL PURE Safety®

Appruv has partnered with UL PURE Safety® to offer subscribed members access to a 30% discount for online OSHA outreach training, making some of the most popular and useful safety training courses that much more accessible and cost-effective.


Increasing costs can limit a third-party provider’s ability to procure new protective equipment, affordable access to safety advice and resources, and keep up with compliance burdens.  That’s why Appruv has partnered with various companies to provide discounts on PPE, employee background checks, safety consulting, and more.  Vendors can save thousands by taking advantage of preferred pricing that you only get as an Appruv vendor.


Safety Meetings and Forms

Need a toolbox talk on the fly? Trying to gather information for a job hazard analysis? Appruv has network members covered with a full library of downloadable safety assets. Appruv safety professionals have developed templates, safety meetings, and more. Download, print, and share as many as you want, as often as you want. All downloads are available directly from Appruv.


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