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Keep the Line Moving in the Manufacturing Industry

With an important need to adhere to strict processes and timelines, using Appruv to vet and manage contractors helps eliminate the burden, minimize problems, and avoid costly interruptions to the all-important manufacturing process.


Meet Challenges Head On

New technology and an ever-changing manufacturing environment are challenges that organizations must tackle head on.  The introduction of contractors into a facility presents issues that must be addressed.  Is the correct insurance in place?  Does the contractor company meet safety requirements?  Are their workers properly trained?  Do they understand our requirements?  These are just a few of the questions needed to be asked.  A complex and unique manufacturing environment needs competent and qualified contractors that meet an organization’s high standards.

Efficient Project Management

Tight and rigid management of the manufacturing process means that contractors must perform on a strict schedule and the project must be conducted in an efficient manner.  Developing standards and requirements that contractors must meet is a vital aspect to the management of a project.  The efficiency that Appruv adds to this process allows an organization to quickly vet contractors and select them for project work knowing they meet or exceed expectations, ensuring timely project schedules are met.

Worker Management

Because of complex processes and emergency situations, contractor workers coming in and out of your facility can be problematic.  Appruv can help you better manage the visibility of third-party contractors, vendors, and suppliers who work in your facilities.  Badges with embedded codes unique to each contract worker are scanned using Appruv and time-in and out are tracked in the system.  Appruv acts as a powerful accountability tool, allowing teams to track contractors on-site during emergency assemblies and project work.

“Appruv’s customer service is outstanding. Having our dedicated Appruv team with us from the beginning was instrumental in the success of this program for our users, given this was a huge change management for our associates, as well as our vendors.”


Linda Pakenas

Contracting Process Owner, Office Development Programs Team, Trane


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