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Reduce Risk at Processing Facilities Through Contractor Qualification

Contractors are relied upon heavily to build and maintain agricultural processing facilities.  Because of the risk involved, it is prudent for an organization to fully vet contractors and ensure they are properly insured, meet high safety standards, and are financially sound.


Compliance with Regulations

Because of the type of work and the hazardous processes that can be present, the agricultural industry is highly regulated.  Whether it’s health and safety, food safety, or environmental issues, contractors can affect an organization’s compliance.  Qualifying contractors with Appruv removes the cost and burden from an in-house process and ensures that contractors meet or exceed an organization’s high expectations and will perform at a high level.  OSHA’s Process Safety Management (PSM) requirements are just one example of a regulation that includes special provisions for contractors and their employees.

Risk Reduction

Construction and maintenance activities are dangerous.  Through maintenance, repair, turnaround work, major renovation, or construction, contractors can interfere with production, damage property, and present significant hazards to health and safety.  By thoroughly vetting them through a comprehensive qualification process, risk is reduced.  Risk reduction can occur as it applies to many aspects such as insurance, safety, finance, legal, and compliance.

Contractor Training and Orientation, Anywhere

The agriculture industry is complex, and each facility has its own unique policies and procedures that must be communicated to contractors.  This can include elements of health and safety, food safety, PSM regulations, and facility-specific work procedures.

Appruv Workforce includes a full learning management system and is the perfect platform to host professionally produced and narrated training and orientation modules for contractor workers.  Within their Appruv account, contractors can complete necessary training before arriving to work at your facility.


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