Appruv Qualify

The First Step, Done.

You’ve determined your needs, outlined your scope of work, set a budget – now it’s time to source quality third-party vendors to execute your project. Appruv Qualify takes on the time-consuming burden of collecting all pertinent third-party information so you can make better informed contractor, supplier and vendor selections to reduce project risk.

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What Is Appruv Qualify?

Prequalifying third-party contractors, vendors and suppliers has become a growing best-practice among safety, procurement, and risk professionals in various high risk industries. Appruv Qualify is the answer to a normally lengthy process of collecting contractor, vendor and supplier compliance and regulatory information and ensuring it meets the standards of a hiring client. Set your organization’s criteria and let Appruv take on the job of communicating, collecting, and qualifying your third-party vendors.


Prequalifying a vendor network is an essential part of an organization’s well-rounded Environmental, Health, and Safety goals. Appruv Qualify acts as an extension of our clients.  Our prequalification process is customized to your unique needs and is the preferred choice of vendors.  It captures the right amount of data at a fraction of the in-house cost, while managing the inherent risk vendors introduce to your organization.

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Document Management

Effectively managing vendor information means managing required documents as well. These documents usually contain pertinent information and stringent liability limits that must be checked for accuracy. Appruv manages these documents for you, tracks changes and expirations, notifies vendors on your behalf, and uploads them to our secure, cloud-based application, accessible anytime.

  • Certificates of Insurance (COI)
  • Bonding Qualification
  • Experience Modification Rates (EMR)
  • OSHA Recordable Incident Records
  • Contractor/Supplier Liability Agreements
  • Documents Specific to Your Company

Insurance Management

Minimizing the liability and risk your organization takes on means setting strict insurance requirements for outside employers to meet. Insurance verification is just the start; tracking your third-party insurance throughout the life-cycle of a project is another added challenge. Appruv collects, verifies and manages Certificates of Insurance from all of your contractors, vendors, and suppliers. Insurance discrepancies and expirations are tracked by Appruv so corrections can be made before a risk gap exists. Our team interfaces directly with the contractor or their broker to resolve any issues, giving you peace of mind throughout your project.

“Appruv’s customer service is outstanding. Having our dedicated Appruv team with us from the beginning was instrumental in the success of this program for our users, given this was a huge change management for our associates, as well as our vendors.”


Linda Pakenas

Contracting Process Owner, Office Development Programs Team, Trane

“When we started using Appruv, it was for only two business units.  Based on the success of the contractor program, cost savings and adaptability of Appruv, we are now at five business units with others looking to start using Appruv as well.”


Tony Vondrak

Corporate Safety & Security Manager, CHS

“Appruv has been and continues to be on point, responsive, and dedicated to our needs. The launch implementation thus far has been smooth and their product matches our needs – not too complicated, and with adequate due diligence for all parties involved. Thanks to the Appruv team, we expect our contractors’ compliance and performance to continually improve, along with our own Contractor Health and Safety Program as part of our ISO45001 Health and Safety Management System.”


Scott Plummer

Sr. Corporate Safety & Sustainability Specialist

“Partnering with Appruv has advanced our contractor safety management program to the next level through standardized consistent prequalification of responsible contractors and vendors.  The Appruv system is user friendly and cost effective. Additionally, the customer service team is extremely responsive and always ensures our company needs are met.”


Matt Sisbach, CSP

Corporate Environment, Health, and Safety Manager


See how Appruv can reduce risk and streamline your hiring and management of contractors, suppliers, and vendors.