What is Appruv?

Appruv is a cloud-based service that removes the administrative burden and cost of prequalifying vendors within an organization. Appruv collects your vendor's data, reviews submitted information, and assigns a status based on your organization's requirements.

  • Vendor Document Management
  • Online Training & Orientation
  • Vendor Auditing
  • Custom Reporting & Analytics


Documents Managed


Training Sessions


Vendor Users


Client Facilities


How it Works

We invite your vendors to subscribe to Appruv and request all required information. Documents are uploaded to a cloud-based application and stored securely in the vendor's profile. The Appruv team carefully reviews the information for accuracy, ensures it meets the client's requirements, and tracks expirations and changes. Appruv can collect and store any required document, including:

  • Certificates of Insurance
  • OSHA Injury & Illness Forms
  • Contract Agreements
  • Safety Programs and Policies
  • Employment Eligibility Verification Forms
  • Taxpayer Identification Forms

Experience the Benefits

Reduce risk and streamline the procurement process, while saving time and money.


Access prequalification status, documents, contact information, and more for your entire vendor network, any time, any place.

Save Time

Appruv takes on the administrative burden of vendor management, leaving you and your team more time to focus on what truly matters.


Work one-on-one with an Appruv team member to easily customize your prequalification standards, or use our out-of-the box, ready-to-implement solution.

Lower Costs

Appruv saves organizations thousands of dollars over comparable in-house solutions, giving you more wiggle-room in your budget.

Reduce Risk

Subscribed vendors experience lower injury & illness rates than the national averages, and commit to following safety and health standards.

Continuous Support

A dedicated support team is available to you, key personnel in your organization, and your vendor network. Appruv aims to provide an unmatched user experience.


Designed with You in Mind

Appruv's user interface is intuitive and easy to navigate, giving you seamless access to the information you need.

Launching with Appruv is Simple


01 Contact Us

View a demo and see how Appruv would work best for your organization.

02 Submit Your Network

Establish a list of contractors, suppliers, and vendors you would like to prequalify and a list of your business locations.

03 Review Your Needs

A dedicated team member will walk you through the process of customizing Appruv to your business needs.

04 Connect your Team

Our team helps connect and onboard users who will access Appruv within your organization. It's that easy.

Experience Appruv

Schedule a demo to see how Appruv can work for your organization.