Appruv Workforce

Employee Level Training and Qualification

Once Appruv qualified contractors, suppliers, or vendors are selected, it is essential that their workforce, who perform the work at your facilities, is properly oriented, trained, and tracked.  Risk reduction is a complex concept. At work sites where third-party employees and host-employers share safety training and values, risk management can be more easily achieved. However, finding the time and resources to facilitate training, control access and track qualifications can be a daunting task.


What Is Appruv Workforce?

Appruv Workforce is an online platform that enables your third-party contractor, supplier, and vendor employees to access and complete online safety orientations and other necessary training.  This information, as well as certifications, licenses, and other miscellaneous documentation can be collected, stored, and tracked through the platform.  Employees are issued a unique Appruv Workforce badge, so you don’t have to guess if they’ve met your requirements.


Tired of training your contractor employees on-site the day they arrive to start work? Let Appruv develop your content into a robust and interactive online orientation module that employees can complete before showing up on site. Give your contractor employees the flexibility to complete your company or site level safety orientation anytime, anywhere with a mobile and tablet friendly learning management system that’s narrated in multiple languages.

Employee Badging

Track your third-party workforce with Appruv Workforce badging. Appruv generates a picture ID badge that can be scanned with any smart device. Shipped directly from Appruv to the vendor, these badges contain a unique QR code that gives you instant access to the employee and their company prequalification level, current orientation status, attendance, and more.

Employee Background

Appruv Workforce is a powerful tool for your contractor, supplier and vendor companies. Outside employers who prequalify with Appruv have the ability to upload and track their employee’s licenses, certifications or other training and work-related documents. Drug screening and background check information can be added to the employee profile and accessible to your key stakeholders.

“Appruv’s customer service is outstanding. Having our dedicated Appruv team with us from the beginning was instrumental in the success of this program for our users, given this was a huge change management for our associates, as well as our vendors.”


Linda Pakenas

Contracting Process Owner, Office Development Programs Team, Trane

“When we started using Appruv, it was for only two business units.  Based on the success of the contractor program, cost savings and adaptability of Appruv, we are now at five business units with others looking to start using Appruv as well.”


Tony Vondrak

Corporate Safety & Security Manager, CHS

“Appruv has been and continues to be on point, responsive, and dedicated to our needs. The launch implementation thus far has been smooth and their product matches our needs – not too complicated, and with adequate due diligence for all parties involved. Thanks to the Appruv team, we expect our contractors’ compliance and performance to continually improve, along with our own Contractor Health and Safety Program as part of our ISO45001 Health and Safety Management System.”


Scott Plummer

Sr. Corporate Safety & Sustainability Specialist

“Partnering with Appruv has advanced our contractor safety management program to the next level through standardized consistent prequalification of responsible contractors and vendors.  The Appruv system is user friendly and cost effective. Additionally, the customer service team is extremely responsive and always ensures our company needs are met.”


Matt Sisbach, CSP

Corporate Environment, Health, and Safety Manager


See how Appruv can reduce risk and streamline your hiring and management of contractors, suppliers, and vendors.