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Gain a Competitive Edge in the Mining Industry

Appruv is more than just a way to vet third-party contractors in the mining industry, it’s a powerful tool to manage documentation, conduct MSHA required contractor training, collect and verify insurance, and increase awareness of contractor activity.


Effortlessly Meet Strict Mining Industry Standards

Mining contractors, vendors, and suppliers have to meet strict CFR Part 46 training requirements to maintain compliance with mining regulations. Production-operators are responsible for training employees of outside contractors about site-specific hazards.


Additionally, production-operators must also provide hazard awareness information to contractors as well as ensure they comply with standards of the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA). Appruv can help you achieve this by developing, hosting, and administering organization-level and site-specific mine hazard-awareness training for contractor employees through an intuitive learning management system.

Worker Management

Because of complex processes and emergency situations, contractor workers coming in and out of your site can be problematic.  Appruv can help you better manage the visibility of third-party contractors, vendors, and suppliers who work at your sites.  Badges with embedded codes unique to each contractor worker are scanned using Appruv and time-in and out are tracked in the system.


Appruv acts as a powerful accountability tool, allowing teams to track contractors on-site during emergency assemblies, extended-work periods, or seasonal work schedules.

Your Reputation is Everything

When the stakes are high, visibility is also heightened. Your entire organization’s reputation is on the line among your stakeholders. Not only is it imperative to avoid MSHA citations and fines, but a high-profile accident in the mining industry can have lasting effects on your future as a safe production-operator.


Inviting third-party contractors to your mines is a risk to your reputation if safety cultural values are not shared. Why risk it when you can source vetted, trained, and qualified contractors and take greater steps towards a stable, valued, and safe reputation in the mining industry.


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