Contractor Worker Orientation



Most companies have some form of new employee orientation. When hiring new employees, the importance of introducing them to the company and communicating important policies and procedures is universally understood. If this process is neglected, an employer would not be setting the new employee up for success.

This concept is equally as important when a company hires contractors to perform construction, project, or maintenance work at their facility. Contractor workers bring risk to an organization’s facility and their work can negatively impact employees, property, operations, and production. The importance of effectively communicating important policies, procedures, health and safety standards, and other applicable information to contracted workers cannot be overstated.

While it is obvious that contractor workers need to be properly oriented to a facility, the actual process of accomplishing this task can be challenging. A hiring company must first develop an effective orientation, along with a method of delivering or presenting the information. This process must be readily available and accessible, documented, and consistent. Many companies struggle with this process due to a lack of resources, lack of personnel, and a lack of consistent methods to deliver and document the orientation training.


Appruv’s contractor management platform provides the perfect solution to this age-old problem.  In addition to qualifying contractors to work and collecting vital documents such as insurance and contracts, Appruv enables hiring companies to effectively orient and track contractor workers through the Appruv Learning Management System (LMS).

One of the primary benefits of Appruv’s LMS is that those contracted workers are able to access and complete a hiring company’s required orientation training online, before arriving to the facility.  This reduces the burden usually placed on a company’s resources to orient, process, and track these workers, and means contractor workers will arrive to a facility fully oriented and ready to begin work.

How Contractor Worker Orientation Works

Orientation modules are hosted in the Appruv LMS for contractor access.  Appruv’s in-house production team can produce a professional interactive orientation module in any language or upload existing modules a company may already have.  Contractor workers access and complete the modules within the Appruv LMS platform.  After each module, contractor workers can be required to pass a quiz to verify understanding and retention of the orientation content.

Successful orientation completion is then documented and tracked within Appruv.  For completion verification, certificates of completion are available for download and the hiring company personnel have full access and visibility into the orientation results.  Any number of orientation and safety training modules can be hosted in the Appruv LMS.  Within their employer’s Appruv account, each worker has an employee profile that tracks all orientation and safety training.

Successful Contractor Orientation

Contractor worker orientations are securely tracked in one central location and accessible to any client user. This process ensures that workers are arriving to a facility with the proper knowledge and training to perform work with a high level of health and safety in mind.  The burden is removed from the hiring company and all personnel can rest assured knowing that the process is being properly managed and tracked.

Are you a hiring client who is looking to qualify contractors, suppliers, and vendors?  Do you have a need for contractor worker orientation?  Explore Appruv and see how we can provide a one-stop solution for all your contractor, suppler, and vendor management needs.

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