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High-Quality, On-Demand Safety Resources for Appruv Vendors

Safety Resources That Go Beyond Your Expectations

Appruv vendors have access to safety resources, safety training, partnership discounts, and more. All for being part of the Appruv vendor network. Just one of the reasons why vendors like us better.

Downloadable Safety Assets

Appruv safety professionals have developed a library of downloadable templates, safety meetings, and more. Download, print, and share as many as you want, as often as you want. All downloads are available direct from Appruv.

Partnership Discounts

Appruv has partnered with the best companies in safety to offer discounts on software, PPE, background checks, consulting, and more. Save thousands by taking advantage of preferred pricing that you only get as an Appruv vendor.

Online Safety Training

Gain access to on-demand safety training. Vendors have access to online learning modules directly through the Appruv web application. Simply login and view interactive training videos on various high-risk safety topics.


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